mardi 1 mai 2007


If you want to learn something don’t watch this TV program you will learn you nothing. Family Guy exists only to relax and have a good time. I recommend this TV program to everyone who wants to laugh and drop his degree of intelligence. But I am not recommending it to everyone it has a coarse language and it is not for children. I think it’s a good practice to learn to understand English. The producer has translated it in French, but I think it’s funnier in English because it’s the original version and sometimes they change jokes because it’s doesn’t work in French.

mardi 20 mars 2007


In this episode my house was infected by bugs so I contacted a commando-like pest control company. They raided the house and engaged the fleas in combat. While my house was undergoing extermination, I brought my family to the hotel. We went to the swimming pool where Chris was preoccupied by his weight problem. So Loïs decided to put Chris on a diet and I could exercise with him. But nothing worked and he didn't lose weight. Then I decided to brought him to a doctor for liposuction but he disagreed with the idea but I embraced it. And than Loïs was upset but I didn’t care. And I thought I could be better so I returned to the doctor and I came home with a higher cheekbone, a smaller nose, a different chin and all my muscles bigger. Now Loïs was really upset. After that I entered a secret club: the superb people of Quahog. One day I drove my car and I couldn't stop watching myself in the mirror because I was so beautiful and I crashed my car and I broke my face in a phone pole and I fell in a big drum of lard then I came back to how I was before.

mardi 20 février 2007

family guy

In this episode Peter was completely absorbed by the TV and he didn’t want to help Meg in her driving exam. After Brien said he was a bad driver, Peter decided to prove the contrary.
After Meg's exam failure, caused by Peter's lesson, they drove home and while Peter was looking inside a house to see the new TV program, he crashed into the Quahog cable television transmitter. During this time, Stewie decided to kill the broccoli that he had to build a machine to control the environment. When everyone came to see what was going on with the transmitter, Peter blamed Meg for the accident, in exchange he promised to buy her a car. Peter realised he didn't need the TV and spent time with his family. But when the TV came back, the whole family wanted to watch it and Peter wanted to go to the Bavarian Folk Festival with William Shatner who passed by there. During the festival, a tempest, caused by Stewie's weather machine, began. Peter and William decided to run in the water. Meg and Loïs made the second lesson of driving and they were caught by the tempest. Meg lost control of the car and accidentally ran over William and her father. During his convalescence Peter was obligated to watch the TV.

mardi 6 février 2007

Family Guy

Family Guy is a cartoon born from the popularity of this type of TV program like the Simpsons or South Park. Family Guy is a program that talks about a family of five and a dog. They live at Quahog in Spooner Street in Rhode Island. The main character is Peter Griffin, a fat man who is completely insane. He works at a toy company. He is married with Lois Griffin. Lois is a modern-day housewife and she is a full time mother of three children: Meg the outsider, Chris the dummy and Stewie who had tried to kill his mother since he was born. In that TV program the author puts them all in banal situations and they always find a way to aggravate the situation.

How Gold Jewellery Is Made

I’ll give you this week a short summary of one of the four products described in the program. How gold jewellery is made, especially gold rings or wedding rings. The Egyptians were the first to use gold jewellery in 2500 B.C. to make them more attractive. The reason to wear it is still the same, but the process to make it has evolved and now only professionals work the gold. The process starts by measuring the diameter of the customer's finger. The worker will drill a hole through a square wax blok then he will reproduce the kind of ring that the customer wants at the same scale of the finished product. At this stage, the product looks like a real ring but it's made with wax and with a small stick of wax under the ring. After, they put the wax model in a bucket of special plaster then they apply a vacuum to get out the air. Next, they put the bucket in an oven at 1350 degree Fahrenheit to harden the plaster. Now, they melt the gold with other metals like nickel to get a stronger mixture. They introduce the melted metal to replace the wax in the plaster. They cool down the gold then they break the plaster. The casting at the moment is pretty rough, they file the excess of gold under the ring that was used to get the gold into the hard plaster. After, they grind and polish the ring with a few buffing wheels. Next the final step is to install the diamonds depending on the price of the ring and then they wash the golden ring with an ultrasonic bath.

how it's made

How it's made is a scientific program for curious people who want to know how things are made.This program is played on the Discovery channel five times a week. The program always start with a narrator who summarises the subjects of the following program. There are four or five things describe depending on the length of the subjects. Everypart begins with a history of the product, where it comes from, who and when it was invented and finally why it was made. After the historical moment, they start the process of the manufacturing at the very beginning. They explain step by step how the product is manufactured. Finally, the narrator explain the concrete application of the product with example. After 30 minutes of this program you know how these products are made.